It’s been almost two and a half years since I last updated these pages. Right now we are at the start of 2022 and the world is slowly opening up again after two years of pandemic.

In those past two years I have started my own online language teaching platform for Dutch speakers learning Spanish and German. I created several online spanish courses that are now available on Taal.Guru.

In January this year I gave my own language learning a new boost and started practicing my Swedish more regularly again. I had some iTalki sessions with a great Swedish teacher and started a 30-day language speaking challenge recording short clips in which I speak Swedish. Doing this I realized how much this helps in getting better and overcoming barriers or fears. When I compare the first couple of videos with the last then I really notice a difference. Towards the end I really started to speak more confidently and I learned / remembered more and more vocabulary.


Since I love lists, here are a few lists of my current favorite activites.

Netflix shows I’m watching:

Movies I watched lately:

Fiction I’m reading:

Podcasts I’m enjoying:

Updated February 23rd 2022

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