This is what I’m upto now:

I have a two and a half year old daughter and a three month old son. I’ve been on maternity leave since mid March, just enjoying my time with the family, breastfeeding the baby and getting used to taking care of two children.

The past three months have been so intense that I hardly have had any time for language learning or adding content to my website or Instagram.

I did have time to apply for a job opening that came up and in August I will start a new job teaching both Spanish and German at a secondary school where I worked before as a replacement teacher. I’m excited to finally be teaching Spanish on a regular base too.

Since I live lists, I decided to add some lists to my Now Page every month.

Netflix shows I’m watching:

  • Queer eye ??
  • Dark ??
  • Las chicas del cable ??

Movies I watched lately:

  • Same kind of different as me

Fiction I’m reading:

  • Del amor y otros demonios (Gabriel García Márquez) ??

Podcasts I’m enjoying:

  • Getting curious with Jonathan van Ness
  • Under the skin with Russell Brand (I loved this month’s episode with Brene Brown)

Updated June 27th 2019

To see what I’ve been upto before, visit my before page.