This is what I’m upto now:

We finally bought our own house after having lived in a rented place for over six years. The house is in the South of Arnhem on a 10-minute bike ride from the city centre. Currently we are busy working on the house so we can move in mid November 2019.  Just in time to celebrate our daughter’s 3rd birthday there.

Last summer I switched jobs and I have been working as a Spanish and German teacher at a new school since September. Getting used to the new work environment (after nearly six months of maternity leave), combined with family life and all the organizing that comes with a new house has been keeping me quite busy. I will need to slow things down a bit the coming months before Christmas. However, I expect that in the New Year 2020 I will be picking up new language learning activities again.

Since I love lists, here are a few lists of my current favorite activites.

Netflix shows I’m watching:

  • Bonus Familjen

Movies I watched lately:

  • Frozen

Fiction I’m reading:

  • Del amor y otros demonios (Gabriel García Márquez)

Podcasts I’m enjoying:

  • Grand bien vous fasse! with Ali Rebeihi
  • BBC In our Time with Melvin Bragg

Updated October 24th 2019

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