I started the now page in June 2019. Below you can read what I’ve been upto before.

1982: Born in a town called Apeldoorn in the Netherlands

2002: graduated professional college for tourism & leisure management in Apeldoorn

2005/2006: Studied one year in Nice at the Cote d’Azur, France

2007: Bachelors degree (International business and management studies) in Amsterdam

2007: Moved to Barcelona, Spain

2010: moved to Arnhem, the Netherlands

2012: met my husband

2015: got married

2016: our daughter was born

2018: graduated as a German and Spanish teacher in secondary education

2019: our son was born and later that year we bought our first own house.

2020: started my own business Taal.Guru creating and offering online language courses.

Favorite Netflix shows I used to watch:

  • Queer eye (english)
  • Dark (german)
  • How to sell drugs online fast (german)
  • Las chicas del cable (spanish)
  • 30 degrees in february (swedish)
  • Once upon a time (english)
  • Disenchantment (english)
  • Dix pour cent (french)
  • Bonusfamiljen (swedish)
  • Young Royals (swedish)
  • Kärlek & Anarki (swedish)
  • La casa de papel (spanish)

Favorite Podcasts: