I’m Linda from the Netherlands and on this site I am sharing everything about learning new languages and raising bi-lingual kids.

About me and the languages I speak: My native language is Dutch and I’m fluent in English. I’m a certified language teacher in German and Spanish. I’m nearly fluent in French and Italian and currently in the process of learning Swedish, Polish and Portuguese. Why? Because I love it. It’s one of my favorite hobbies and besides that, it enables me to get to know people from all around the globe. I have experienced different cultures in depths that would have been impossible hadn’t I spoken or known a bit of the language.

On learnanylanguageonline.com I will share all my tips, tools and experiences with you and help you in your own personal process to learn any new language. I’d also love to hear from you what languages you’re learning, how you’re learning, what is working for you and what not.

Even though this website is called Learn any Language online, I also encourage language learners to get out and find people to talk to. After all, language is all about communicating.