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Watching movies and series in your target language is a great way to practice. Even though it might seem quite passive, you will learn a lot by just hearing the language. Besides that, you will also learn about typical cultural aspects.

If you want, you can make practice more active by taking notes or adding words and phrases to your language learning notebook.

Here’s a list of series and movies in Swedish that I really enjoyed and were also very useful to learn Swedish:

  • Bonusfamiljen. This series is about a patchwork family and offers both humor and drama. Watching this you will learn vocabulary about families, children and love. One of the kids in this series is pretty hyper active, so you get to hear a lot of ways to say “stop that!”
  • Bron. This Scandinavian crime series is set in Danish Copenhagen and Swedish Malmö and both languages are spoken in it. Once you get more acquainted with the Swedish language, it will get easier to distinguish between the two. Danish and Swedish are very similar, but the pronunciation is quite different and you will recognize the difference pretty soon. When you do you will experience double success, because you realize that by learning Swedish, you can now understand Danish too.
  • Millennium 1, 2 & 3. If you like a good thriller, then these are great movies to watch. It’s based on a book trilogy that you might have read already in your own language. If you’re already familiar with the story, you can focus even more on the Swedish language. The main character is played by late Michael Nyqvist, one of my favorite Swedish actors.
  • Delhis vackraste händer (the most beautiful hands of Delhi). I watched this one recently and especially liked it, because it shows a mixture of cultures. The timid and structured Swedish main character ends up in the vivid and chaotic Indian culture. It’s a mini series of three episodes based on a book trilogy. In the first episode you will hear mostly Swedish, in the last two episodes there’s more English, but they are still worth watching, also because of the cultural aspect.
  • 30 degrees in February. Unfortunately this series is not available anymore on Netflix, but if you can find it somewhere else, I really recommend it. The largest part of the story is set in Thailand, but all main characters are Swedish and speak Swedish most of the time.
Five must watch series and movies in Swedish on Netflix

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