I always like to have three languages to put my focus on. One where I’m a beginner, one where I’m intermediate and one where I already am a confident speaker, but that can be perfectioned or that needs attention because I don’t get exposed to it on a regular base.

Currently I am learning Polish as a complete beginner.

I chose Polish because one of my best friends is Polish and at the school where I work I sometimes have Polish students. I would like to be able to make comparisons between their native language and the German they learn in my class.

I’m intermediate in Swedish. I started learning it in the summer of 2016 before my first trip to Sweden. My husband, who loves Sweden, already spoke a bit of the language.

I started learning with the YouTube videos of Swedish with Erik. Then on the way to Sweden me and my husband practiced in the car with a little course book which made most of the trip hilarious and go really fast despite heavy traffic. The best practice was listening to and trying to speak with the Swedes. Being surrounded by written Swedish also helped a lot to increase my vocabulary.

Until now I’ve only been to Sweden that one time and since then I mainly practiced using the apps Memrise and Duolingo and I have been watching several movies and series in Sweden. I will post a list soon.

The language I want to pay more attention to at an advanced level is French. I did one year of my Bachelor studies in French as an exchange student in Nice in 2005/2006. Since then I’ve only used French sporadically, so I really want to put some effort in perfectioning it.

Languages I am currently learning myself

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